Administration & Human resource

This section is called A-Section. It deals with the administration of GRH and the Human Resources.

This department enforces the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Health and Famly. It also regulates the functioning of different departments and fosters an environment of interdepartmental interaction and unity.

Two way communication to and from the Ministry is relayed from/to the staff via the A Section. This section deals with the staff at a personal level as the Human Resource Department. Day to day affairs, disciplinary matters, leave, ticketing, transport and contract renewal are handled as part of the work. A-Section also maintains attendance of all staff.

As part of the stores activity A-section handles the maintenance and procurement of the Central store with medical and general stock and relaying the stock status to different section heads.

This department is headed by Mohammed Faid and is backed by an efficient team. Presently Mr. Shukooris handling the responsibilty of the Admin Section.

Budget & Finance

This section is called B-Section.

It deals with the procurement of Finances from the Ministry at appropriate intervals and ensuring the correct utilization of funds. The sequence of events begins with the understanding of where the money comes in and where it goes out!

The current expenditure in the form of salaries, mantenance, inflation rate, projects undertaken and future plans will form the basis for knowing the funds that would be needed to plan the financial year. Understanding these expenses, the need for funds is chalked out and submitted to the Ministry.

Upon receipt of funds, proper disposal is performed coupled with an accounting of each transaction. The financial dealings of all the islands of the province are dealt with at this section. To break up the details needs a magnifying glass!

A few of the responsibilities are maintaining the main account with liquid funds, managing expenses, handling staff salary, collecting rent, recieving income of the hospital, maintaining a loan account, Aamdhaane Faisa (daily income and petty cash) and most of all refining the system to make it cost effective.

Loads of responsibility is upon the shoulders of this section. This department is headed by Abdul Lateef (assisted by Nazim in his absence) and is supported by a team of efficient staff.

Medical & Diagnostic

This section is called C-Section.

It is sub divided in to three sections.

A. Medical Section

  1. Consultants
  2. Medical Officers
  3. Dentist

B Para Medical Section

  1. Physiotherapist

C Diagnostic Section

  1. Laboratory Technicians
  2. X-ray Technician

The Medical Department takes the responsibility of imparting curative health care services to the patients of GRH and also teaming with the PHU (public health unit)to plan preventive health care services. The Medical Section is headed by Dr. Jovial D'Souza.

The Physiotherapy Department provides physical therapy which assist in the healing of various disease conditions. Starting from hot fomentation and going on to Ultrasound, traction,exercises etc, this department has done wonders in helping pateints.

The Diagnostic department provides investigation facilities to patients. Latest equipment along with dedicated staff are the pillars of strength of this Section. The Paramedical and Diagnostic Sections are headed by Mrs. Shifana.

Nursing Department

This section is called D-Section.

The nursing department of GRH is quite dynamic. The job responsibility of each nurse goes beyond patient care. The nurses are responsible for

  1. Carrying out Doctor's Orders
  2. Monitoring in-patients
  3. Administrative work of the wards
  4. Responsibility of Fumigation
  5. Partaking in PHU activities
  6. Imparting patient care with compassion.

The nurses of GRH are the ones who actually follow the GRH motto of "Care with Smile". They practice the art of prescribing smiles and spreading cheer by their hard work, compassion and dedication.

This department is headed by Sister Hafsa Abdul Ghanee. Her able and affable assistants are Sr. Nasheedha and Sr. Sobeha.






Public Health Unit

This section is called E-Section. The PHU works mainly towards the provision of preventive care to the community. It also handles the planning of activities for the whole south central province.

The responsibilities of PHU are as follows.

A Health Preventive activities Planning and Supervision

  1. Mental Health
  2. Health Education
  3. School health
  4. Workshops
  5. Immunization/ Vit.A
  6. Waste management/Environmental & Occupational Health
  7. Injury Surveillance (data collecting and reporting)
  8. Maintain Library books and other documents
  9. Drug Abuse
  10. Health Centers Supervision
  11. Health Promotion action plan

B Inspection And Clearance UNIT

  1. Dhoani inspection
  2. Boat Clearance
  3. Hikimas inspection
  4. Fihaara checking
  5. Pharmacy checking and Reporting
  6. Hota,restuarent,caffe etc checking

C Disease Surveillance and Reporting UNIT Incharge:

  1. Communicable disease control program
  2. ORS stock maintaining
  3. Flus (swine flu, bird flu)
  4. Daily communicable disease reporting/notification
  5. NCD clinic (bedridden visit)
  6. Home Visit
  7. TB stock maintaining
  8. TB and Leprosy reporting
  9. Vector Born and Water Born Disease Malaria/Filaria and Reporting
  10. Mosquito control program and reporting
  11. Water testing and sanitation

D Reproductive and Child Health UNIT

  1. Reproductive Health HIV/AIDS/STI/VCT/RHC
  2. ANC/PNC
  3. Family Planning (Reporting/Requisition)
  4. Maternal Health (Maternal death)
  5. Child Health Nutrition (Iodine/nutritious food)
  6. Growth Monitoring
  7. Breast feeding Counseling
  8. New born care
  9. Adolescence Health (TT,Hep “B” vaccine)
  10. Child abuse
  11. Thalassaemia

This Section has experienced and knowledgeable staff who work as a team at the level of the public. They are responsible to take "Health to the Homes". The staff of this section are dedicated, responsible and dynamic.

This section is headed by Ali Faisal

Public Relations & Medical records Department

These cheerful staff are the front desk of GRH. They welcome all the patients and visitors with a smile and do their work with speed and dedication. 

The responsibilities are of Public Relation Officer are

  1. Handing over and taking over
  2. Directing patients and visitors
  3. Registering of patents for OPD and related activities
  4. Attending phone calls
  5. Summoning ambulance services
  6. Medical record maintenance
  7. Medicolegal forms and medical reports responsibility
  8. Monthly activities reports and staff & bed data submission to Ministry
  9. MADHANA Patients
  10. Transferring of patients to higher centre

Job responsibilities of Interpreter are as follows.

  1. OPD Room arrangement
  2. OPD Translation work and related activities
  3. Entering data in Hospital Information System..

Almost all of the data collection and collation is done by the interpreters. This data is useful for the statistics submitted to the ministry from time to time. Thus a large chunk of PHU work is actually done by PRO/MRD section.

This department is headed by Mohammed Hafeez.If you notice a staff with a smile pasted across the face all the time, it is probably the F-section staff of GRH!


Maintenance & House Keeping

This is called H-Section.

The responsibilities of the Maintenance section are

  1. Checking if all the inventory is in working condition
  2. Maintenance of the generator and ensure the electricity is available round the clock
  3. Maintenance of steady water supply - both fresh water and rain water.
  4. Maintenance of vehicles and dhoni/speed boat
  5. Furniture maintenance
  6. Repair of broken down equipment.
  7. House and accomodation maintenance

Responsibility of House Keeping

  1. Laundry service to GRH
  2. Cleanliness and orderliness of the full GRH campus

The cleanliness means that all surfaces of GRH are kept clean - windows, door posts, floors, ceiling, rest rooms, corridors, garden etc.

As the saying goes - Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This section is headed by Abdul Azeez Ibrahim. His responsibility is to ensure that the maintenance work of south central province is handled by him. Any maintenance work that cannot be handled by any island is sent to GRH.