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Gan Regional Hospital is seeking to recruit Health Professionals at Thaa and Laamu Atolls. The map of these atolls are attached for your convenience. Thaa atoll has 13 islands and Laamu atoll has 12 islands. In the likely event of you being recruited, you may be posted in any of these islands. You may also be shifted based on the need. Kindly bear this in mind to avoid confusions later.

Please read these documents for your information. The last two are in Dhivehi meant for the agents. These have been uploaded to substantiate the genuineness of the recruitment process:

To Download the File Below, Right click and

  1. Internet explore - Save Target As
  2. Mozilla Firefox OR Google Chrome - Save link As
    To View, directly click on the link. Ensure that Adobe reader is installed in your browser.

General Rules for recruiting Hospital Staff of all Cadres(PDF) 

Employment Agreement=Contract for medical Officers, Nurses, Laboratory and X-ray Technicians(PDF)

Service Contract - For all Specialist Doctors(PDF)

Maps of Thaa and Laamu Atoll(PDF) 

Faisaa himeney kankamugai agency thakah amalukuranvee goi (PDF)

South central province recruiting guidline (PDF)

Minimum requirements for each post are mentioned below.

Category Experience
Nurses - Diploma 3 years
Nurses - BSc 1 year
Medical Officers MBBS 3 years
Anesthetist - MD/DA 5 years
ENT Surgeon - MS/DLO 5 years
General Surgeon - MS 5 years
Ophthalmologist - MS/DO 5 years
Physician - MD 5 years
Pediatrician - MD/DCh 5 years
Obstetrician/Gynecologist - MD/ DGO 5 years
Dentist - BDS 5 years
Physiotherapist - BPT/BSc 3 years
X-ray technician-Diploma 3 years
Laboratory technician-Diploma 3 years

We would need

  1. Your CV in MS-Word (doc,docx) or pdf format
  2. Your Photograph (Passport size/whitebackground)
  3. Certificate copies to support the claims in your CV

You would also need to have a minimum of 5.5 score on ILETS prior to recruitment.

Kindly e-mail your documents to the above agents and also to the GRH contact person below, stating the subject of your mail as e.g.


We recruit through two Job Agencies:

Glow Tours And Trade Pvt Ltd
Mail: info@glowtours.com.mv
Tel: 9603333821, 96033335966, Fax: 9603334632

Sun Air International Private Limited
Mail- recruitment@sunairinternational.net
operations @ sunairinternational.net
Tel: 3322555, 3314865, 3324614

Please send you CV to the job agencies and also email the contact persons below. (Total 5 e-mails)

Contact details of GRH recruitment staff:

Mr. Ahmed Zaki
email - ahmedikaz@gmail.com
Mobile - 00-960-7787595
Office - 00-960-6800026, 6800794 Extn: 104
Fax - 00-960-6800568

Dr. Jovial D'Souza
email - jovial_dsouza@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile - 00-960-7613841

SCHSC Head Office
email: info@schsc.com.mv

Candidates will be evaluated based on their academic certificates, records and past work experience (if any), and selected by the Committee of this Corporation (SCHSC). After the evaluation, this committee will nominate the candidate and forward the CV’s to the concerned authorities (Immigration/MoHF) for final approval.


As of January 2011 vacancies exist ONLY for some cadres. Let this not discourage you to apply. When a vacancy arises, you might be contacted.

On reciept of your CV, you will recieve an e-mail confirming the receipt of the same

Frequently Asked Questions by Foreign Staff

Welcome to the FAQ section of GRH website. This page is meant to be a useful forum for the foreigners so as to inform them about various aspects of Maldives.

1. What is the currency of Maldives?

Maldivian Ruffiyaa (MRF). Bear in mind that this currency is used in most places of Maldives. In the resorts and some areas of the airport MRF is not accepted and the foreigners are expected to pay in US Dollars!

2. In what currency would I receive my salary?

As per Civil Service rules, all foreigners should hold a (BML) Bank of Maldives account in which the salary will be deposited. The salary is deposited in MRF. Usually the salary is deposited on the 6th of every month, and if you are lucky by the 1st of the month.

3. How do I transfer my funds abroad?

There are various methods. If you are an Indian citizen, you will be particular to transfer the money so that it is "white" money. I will explain all the methods known to me.

a) Dollar Demand Draft (DD) - It takes 2 weeks to make a USD DD as the processing is done is Male'. It takes upto 2 months to remit the money in India since processing of DD is cumbersome.

b) Money gram - postal service of Maldives tansfers the money. They accept ONLY USD from foreigners and send it abroad in 8 days time. In India it will be considered as black money!

c) ATM card withdrawal - BML issues international ATM cum Debit cards. One can withdraw internationally. Presently (Sept 2010 onwards) there is a limit of daily withdrawal (USD 200/day). I believe since Nov 2010, there is a total restriction for foreigners but not for Maldivian card holders!

d) Telegraphic transfer (TT) - BML charges 17 USD per 1000 USD transferred. Transfers to all countries, and funds reach in 3 hours.

e) Transfer via SBI (State Bank of India) - You will need to transfer your funds from BML to SBI,Male' and then from SBI Male' to your Bank abroad. Transfer of funds takes 3 days. Total commission charged is 1% of the transfer amount.

f) Western Union Money Transfer. Reasonably reliable method, but considered as black money in India.

4. Is Maldives safe?

The crime rate targetted to the foreigners is quite low. Be prepared to be burgled unless you take the necessary precautions. The law is only on paper. The perpetrators are known. It is also known that nothing happens to them!

5. How would I get a suitable accommodation?

Once you land up in Gan, the Office staff would help you to find an accommodation. The doctors will guide you as they have gone through the process themselves. A reasonable accommodation would cose you MRF 4000 (maximum). It would be furnished in the sense that they would provide refrigerator,cooking range, furniture and TV.

6. Would I be able to find a baby sitter?

Yes, after a bit of searching. They would charge a minimum of MRF 1000 per month.

7. How is the Maldivian food?

Very tasty. Some of them put gun-powder in the food to make it spicy! (just a joke!) Over all the food is great. Snacks are called Short-eats!

8. How are the woking hours?

For specilaists 8 hours a day for 6 days a week

For all other categories - 8 hours a day for 5 days a week.

9. What are the nationalities of the foreign staff?

Most of the foreign staff come from India. Others are from Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine. We have had job applicants from Sweden, Chile, Cuba and Australia too!

10. What about school/play school?

Both available. Cambridge standard being followed for schooling. CBSE/ICSE and even State board students will find it very easy when they join, but will feel extremely difficult when they resume schooling in India. I have no experience with children from other countries so I am unable to comment.

11. How is the weather?

Hot! Always! The nights may be breezy and sometimes cool.

12. How much would my monthly expenditure be/ Cost of living?

For a family of three, my expenses per month are MRF 2500 max. (very comfortable living) in addition to baby sitters MRF 2000, electricity MRF 600 and rent MRF 4000.

5kg Basmati rice - MRF 100
900g Beef - MRF 60
10 finger sausages - MRF 18
1kg chicken - MRF 45
2kg boneless chicken - MRF 220
Tuna fish - MRF 20/kg
Onions - MRF 20/kg
Potatoes - MRF 20/kg
Flour - MRF 5/kg
Sugar - MRF 5/kg
Boiled rice - MRF 5/kg

Please note that prices may vary. i have written the average costs. Also note that fresh poultry/meat products are unavailable

13. What language do the locals speak?

The Maldivians speak Dhivehi. One cane easily learn the language. Interpretors are provided to perform translating and chaperoning services in the OPDs.

14. Why does Maldivian government employ middlemen for recruitment?

Many reasons, some of which cannot be openly declared! Firstly, the recuritment process from MOHF was not transparent. To speeden the process and lend it trasparency it was decided that the Regional hospitals would take up the recruitment process. Secondly, due to a lack of experience and infrastructure in India it was decided to take the help of Indian agents. Thirdly, immigration formalities etc. are accomplished faster and more accurately by the Maldivian agents (as opposed to the MOHF)!

15. Fresh food, Electricity,Drinking water, Internet, mobile phone facilities?

In Gan there are couple of farms and thus some vegetables are fresh. e.g. carrots, brinjals, bitter gourd, snake gourd, beans, sweet potatos, tapioca, water melon.

All meats, poultry products are imported from abroad.

Rain water from the roofs, collected in pipes and stored in the tanks are used as drinking water. Bear in mind that it is NOT mineral water!

Internet facilities are avaialbe using a USB modem from Wataniya OR External wireless modem from Dhiraagu.

Two mobile phone operators available are Dhiraagu and Wataniya. The tariffs are more or less the same. Land lines are virtually non-existant in Gan but available in other atolls/islands.

Electricity- 220-240 Volts, 50Hz, Rectangular pegs/sockets. If you have appliances that have round pegs then adaptors are avaialble here. Kindly note that for equipment such as OTG/Microwave you might need a 15Amps socket with round pegs. Please bring that with you.Since the past 6 months there have been myriad power cuts in Gan due to a problem with the generator and the island administration. It is liekly to be solved by the end of November.

Air-conditioners - may be available in some houses. On an average they cost MRF 7000, exclusive of installation fees.

How is the transportation between islands/to Male'?

Between islands - either by ferry or speed boat. Navigate to the statistics page to know the time taken for travel.

Gan has an airport with flights that operate twice a day to and fro Male'.

From Gan to Male' one can take a flight or a speed boat. The speed boat journey is cumbersome and expensive. Some boat also operate between Gan to Male' for transportation of goods/merchandise.

Transportation between accommodation to Hospital?

The doctors usually choose an accommodation close to the hospital.Most of them walk to work. Some who have been given cycles (usu. specialists) use them. Ambulance/Van services are provided ONLY when there are dire emergencies (at the hospital!) and the doctor is summoned.

Orientation to Maldives - a powerpoint presentation created by Dr. Jovial to orient new recruits to the working culture of Maldives. If you would like to download the Zipped version of the same file,Click here.

Please mail your queries to jovial_dsouza@yahoo.co.uk and I shall get back to you ASAP. Please bear in mind that Friday and Saturdays are holidays, so the reply might be delayed!

Laamu Gan Special!!!

Gan is one of the most beautiful islands of Maldives. It is the largest island of Maldives with a length of 7.8km from end to end. The beach is just perfect with white sands and crystal clear waters.

A few attractions in Gan island, which draw tourists are

BUDDHIST TEMPLE RUINS: This is located in Mukurimaagu village a little distance away from the residential area. The beauty of this is mystical.

BODU FENGANDU: It is present in Kadhoo island. It is a pond of water located in the island and the locals believe that it is a bottomless pit. Divers who have been there state that the pond is connected to the ocean and thus its "bottomless" nature.

MANDHOO FISHERIES COMPLEX: It is a state of the art tuna processing plant of Horizon Fisheries Pvt Ltd with products such as Canned tuna, Tuna Pouches, Cooked and Fresh Loins, Fish Meal and the Japanese delicacy 'Katusuobushi' widely exported to the international markets.

Specialities of Laamu Gan

  1. Three islands are connected by causeways. Gan, Kadhoo and Fonadhoo.
  2. It is the biggest island of Maldives.
  3. Local specialty is Fish ball curry. It is quite spicy and foreigners joke that gun-powder is used to prepare it!
  4. Excellent beaches comparable to the beaches of the resorts. The beaches also lack corals, which make them perfect for swimming, diving and snorkelling.
  5. One can wade in the waters for 15 minutes to reach an uninhabited island of Barashdhoo!

For the benefit of foreigners:

Maldives is an island country of about 2000 islands. Why do I use the word "about"? Thats because, during the high tides, lesser islands are visible as they are submerged and during the low tides these submerged islands become visible.

Mala (chain) Dweepa (island), very much derived from Sanskrit means a chain of Islands. A group of islands is called an atoll. Every island with a population of more than 600 has a health centre. Many health centre refer their cases to the Atoll Hospital. The Atoll Hospitals and health centres put together refer all the cases to the Regional hospital.

Gan, being the largest island, coupled with the logistical advantage of having a good jetty, airport and connectivity has been made the site for the Regional Hospital.

Thaa Atoll Map

Laamu Atoll