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Welcome to GRH !

Gan Regional Hospital provides Preventive and Curative Health services to all the people residing in the South Central Province and also to all the people who approach GRH for its services.

GRH had a humble beginning as an Atoll Health Centre on the 7th of November 1993. The demand for services increased and it expanded to an Atoll Hospital on 11th June 2001. Further upgradation took place in the form of facilities and staff. On 1st August 2002, GRH achieved Regional Hospital status.

GRH provides preventive and curative health care facilities to all the islands of south central province and serves as the highest referral centre for this region.GRH celebrates its 8th anniversary on 1st August 2010.

The road ahead is full of challenges. The essence of GRH is service to all the patients. That will never change. The health corporation has taken over GRH in February 2011.


Mission of GRH is "To provide excellent preventive and curative healthcare to each island of South Central Province"













Vision of GRH - "Basic preventive and curative health care services should be easily accesible to the common man in each and every island of South Central Province."













Strategic plans have been made for the next three years. Once submitted they shall be uploaded.

Under Construction












Concept, Design and Layout

GRH originally had a website www.grh.gov.mv. Gradual disuse led to the "out of sight; out of mind" phenomenon. For the 8th Anniversary it was planned that the website be rejuvenated. I, Dr. Jovial DSouza, took up the task and infused life into the site. A new layout, multi-departmental presentation, scientific detail in simple terms were some of the hallmarks of the website.

Fahud Adhunan contributed all the photos for this website and Aminath Shifa gathers the statistics on a monthly basis. I do all the rest!

Six months down the line, apart from weekly (at times daily) updating, it was thought that the site be debugged and re-designed.

The result is what you are seeing now. The present website is new, fresh and a complete turnaround from its predecessor. The professional look was instilled after careful designing to maintain style and convey information with minimal eyestrain. The navigation is made very easy with tabbed browsing in a single page. The colors of the website were inspired by the hues on the black board of my 18 month old daughter.

You can expect few additional attractions like flash animations, streaming videos and virtual tour of the new hospital in the near future.

Kindly leave some feedback - it takes less than a minute.



Also note that two sites are officially operational www.grh.gov.mv AND www.grhgovmv.xp3.biz




Colours of GRH Logo

The green crescent represents the symbol of the health care facility. The small blue crescents represent heads of people.
Another interpretation is that the small cresents stand for health posts/islands and the large crescent stands for GRH/Gan island/Laamu atoll.
Two hands represent the care provided to the patients of GRH and all islands of South central province.
The islands are surrounded by the waters of the ocean, deep in places and shallow in places.

Green color portrays youth and energy.
Light blue portrays the waters of the ocean.
Dark blue represents the deeper ocean.
Red is the colour of blood and sacrifice.
The white background is the symbol of peace and innocence of the health care system.

The motto is self-explanatory!

The logo of GRH is NOT REGISTERED !